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Full power - low weight

New, lightweight tools from TJEP - give you optimum ergonomic functionality and powerful impact. The product range consists of High Pressure compressors, hoses and nailers. All products are of course of the highest TJEP quality…

TJEP High Pressure

Optimisation of the working environment on the building site and higher efficiency are two major focus areas for the professional craftsman. Both areas will be remarkably improved with the new High Pressure series from TJEP. The series consists first and foremost of powerful tools which due to their compact size help to make the work easier and, thus, more efficient, improving the work environment.

The Danish company Kyocera Unimerco Fastening A/S has developed the new High Pressure series. All products have been in the pipeline for a long time, as Kyocera Unimerco Fastening strives to supply powerful and reliable products at a good price. The company has 50 years' experience and knowhow, which means that the new products comply with the requirements of the construction industry.

The only 4” High Pressure nailer in the world

TJEP is the only supplier of a 4” High Pressure nailer in the world – in a more lightweight and compact design than the other 4” nailers available on the market. The nailer may be used for both ordinary GF (full head) and GR (D head) nails, which makes it extremely useful for many jobs.

The newly developed nailer is up to 28% lighter than an ordinary 34/105 model, easing the strain on the craftsman's shoulders and back considerably. Less strain may increase efficiency remarkably and reduce the number of sick-days due to strain injuries.

Compressors with large operating radius
Two new compressors have been added to the new TJEP High Pressure series. Each of them will contribute to a more efficient day at work. “A common feature of both compressors is the high, constant pressure, allowing a long hose to be used without loss of pressure. This is not the case with conventional compressors that will often lose momentum when using long hoses and high shot frequency. Using a long hose increases the operating radius and thus reduces the number of times the compressor needs to be moved to carry out the entire construction job. This makes the job more efficient and eases the strain on the craftsman,” says Jesper Tordrup Andersen, Sales Manager at Kyocera Unimerco Fastening.

TJEP High Pressure

“The high pressure means that the nail is inserted fully every time, so the craftsman does not need to go over the nails with the hammer afterwards,” Jesper Tordrup Andersen says.

Use for wood, concrete and steel
In addition to the wide selection of nails for wood, the TJEP High Pressure series also includes a wide range of nails for concrete and steel as well as High Pressure screws. For conventional compressors it is a challenge to drive nails into concrete and steel, as the pressure is not high enough if the shot frequency is also high. “With our new High Pressure compressors, shooting into hard materials such as concrete and steel is no longer a problem due to the high pressure provided by the compressors – even with a high shot frequency,” Jesper Tordrup Andersen concludes.

Visit to see the entire range of High Pressure products. New products are added all the time – also High Pressure products. For more information, please send an e-mail to, or contact Jesper Tordrup Andersen via phone at +45 20 10 82 43.

Did you know that TJEP was established in 1964?