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TJEP BC 60 anchor nailer

TJEP BC 60 anchor nailer
Item no. 100091
EAN no. 5702551000915
Type Pneumatic Nailer
Size (L×W×H) 278 × 100 × 317 mm
Weight 2.30 kg
Air consumption per cycle 2.5 litres
Length 35 - 60 mm
Diameter 4.0 mm
Angle 15°
Used for
Wind drag strip, Metal connector plates

Fast, safe and flexible nailing of metal connector plates.

The hole in the metal connector plate is easy and safe to locate with the unique nose of the tool.
Strong and round driver.
Very powerful, shoots up to 60 mm.

Key product features

  • 15° anchor nailer
  • Less reload, 100 nails per coil
  • Adjustable air exhaust
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Belt hook
Item no.ProductFinish
837135 TJEP BC 40/35 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837141 TJEP BC 40/40 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837151 TJEP BC 40/50 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837161 TJEP BC 40/60 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837041 TJEP BC 40/40 anchor nails

Guide for selecting compressor
This list is meant as a guide for selecting compressor. The guide is based on an output pressure of 7 bar on the compressor and a maximum of 50 shots per minute. If shots per minute or output pressure is higher, we recommend selecting a larger compressor.

Recommended when using 1 nailer
TJEP 20/25-2 compressorTJEP 20/25-2 compressor
Item no. 123021
EAN no. 5702551230213
TJEP 10/250-1 compressorTJEP 10/250-1 compressor
Item no. 123044
EAN no. 5702551230442

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