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TJEP KA 4060 GAS 2G anchor nailer

TJEP KA 4060 GAS 2G anchor nailer
Item no. 100831
EAN no. 5702551008317
Type Gas Nailer
Size (L×W×H) 364 × 115 × 392 mm
Weight 3.75 kg
Shot per fuel cell Ca. 1,100
Shot before recharging Ca. 4,000
Length 40 - 60 mm
Diameter 4.0 mm
Angle 34°
Used for
Metal connector plates, Wind drag strip

With this gas-powered anchor nailer you will quickly get started with your task.

Insert batteries and fuel cell in the tool - and you are ready to work! No compressor means high freedom of movement.

Delivered in a case with two batteries and a charger.

Key product features

  • Exact and easy to drive nail in metal connector plate
  • Non-slip grip / less hand fatigue / very low recoil
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Rafter/belt hook
  • Rear two-step loading


  • 1100 shots per fuel cell
  • 4000 shots before recharging

Supplied with

  • Plastic case
  • 2 TJEP batteries, 1.65 Ah NiMh
  • TJEP battery charger, 1.65 Ah NiMh

TJEP 2G gaspistoler

Fuld fuktionalitet ned til -15°c

Item no.ProductFinish
837140 TJEP KA 40/40 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837150 TJEP KA 40/50 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837160 TJEP KA 40/60 anchor nails
Galv. 12µ+
837040 TJEP KA 40/40 anchor nails
837340 TJEP KA 40/40 anchor nails
Stainless A4

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