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TJEP 9/20 HP compressor

TJEP 9/20 HP compressor
Item no. 123074
EAN no. 5702551230749
Size (L×W×H) 450 × 317 × 363 mm
Weight 13.8 kg
Cylinders 2
Horsepower 2 HP
Power supply 230 volt
Max pressure 42 bar
Tank 2 x 4.5 litres
Noise (LpA, 4m) 59 - 62 dB

With the new TJEP 9/20 HP compressor, we complete our wide range of high-pressure products.

The TJEP 9/20 HP compressor has been tested and approved by demanding craftsmen worldwide. With its low weight and high performance, the compressor is suitable for both small and large tasks.

With a TJEP high-pressure solution, you get high quality products that can solve even the most difficult tasks - whether you need to mount in wood, concrete or steel. At the same time you have the opportunity to use your normal 8 bar pneumatic nailers, as the compressor is equipped with sockets for both 25 and 11 bar.

Key product features

  • 3 "Power Modes", Normal - Power - Silent
  • Lightweight - only 13,8 kg
  • 2 sockets for 11 bar + 2 sockets for 25 bar
  • Silent (62dB at normal operation - 59dB at Silent)
  • Oil free
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Did you know that TJEP was established in 1964?