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Repair and service

Maintenance of TJEP products

All TJEP products are made of first-grade materials and under strict control in order to ensure many years of trouble-free use.

However, professional service and maintenance are necessary to maintain smooth and effective operation at the building site.

For more than 60 years, our TJEP service centre has been repairing pneumatic nailers, GAS nailers and re-bar binders from a wide range of maufacturers, such as TJEP, Paslode  and MAX. This has given us great experience in all issues you might experience with a these products.

The vast experience of the service centre is based on servicing several thousands tools a year and keeping on track with the technical development in manufacturing the tools. This experience and ongoing technical updating means that you can always count on your tools being serviced competently. In short, when you receive the tool back, you can be completely sure that it is fully operational.

Use your authorized TJEP service shop
Benefit from

  • 13 highly experienced technicians
  • More than 5,500 different spare parts in stock
  • Service and repair of TJEP and selected models from Paslode and MAX.
  • Service and repair within 24 hours excl. time for shipment.

Does your tool need service?
Always call our service centre on tel. +45 97 14 14 40 before handing in/sending in the tool, since many problems can be solved by telephone.

   TJEP Service
Did you know that TJEP was established in 1964?