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TJEP PC 90 HP 2G Coilnailer

TJEP PC 90 HP 2G Coilnailer
Item no. 100174
EAN no. 5702551001745
Type High Pressure nailer
Size (L×W×H) 289 × 130 × 313 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Air consumption per cycle 1.84 litres
Length 45 - 90 mm
Diameter 2.5 - 3.3 mm
Angle 15°
Used for
Shuttering, Fascia boards - wood, Outside siding, Eaves board

High Pressure coilnailer with high power for nailing shuttering, plywood, etc

Generally, High Pressure distinguishes itself by the combination of high impact and lightweight compact tools. High Pressure allows the nail guns to be smaller, making them considerably lighter than conventional compressed air guns. This reduces the load on your body and thereby improves your daily work.

Together with the TJEP High Pressure compressor it is possible to use a longer hose without risking loosing air pressure making sure you never run out of air – not even when the last nail is shot.

TJEP High Pressure nailers are characterized by the well-known high TJEP quality, ensuring you hassle-free operation.

Key product features

  • Light and handy
  • Single shot / bump fire
  • Adjustment of magazine height
  • No-mark nose
  • Plastic protection cap
  • For both wire- and plastic-collated nails

Guide for selecting compressor
This list is meant as a guide for selecting compressor. The guide is based on an output pressure of 7 bar on the compressor and a maximum of 50 shots per minute. If shots per minute or output pressure is higher, we recommend selecting a larger compressor.

TJEP 9/20 HP compressorTJEP 9/20 HP compressor
Item no. 123074
EAN no. 5702551230749

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