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TJEP AB-15 finish nails 25 mm, with glue

TJEP AB-15 finish nails 25 mm, with glue
Item no. 842526
EAN no. 5702558425261
Quantity 4,000 pcs.
Boxes / carton 4 pcs.
Finish Stainless A4
Head Lens head
Angle 34°
Diameter 1.8 mm
Length 25 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Item no.Product
100235TJEP AB-15/64 GAS 3G finish nailer
100414TJEP AB-15 finish nailer
100422TJEP AB-15/50 finish nailer
100822TJEP AB-15/64 GAS 2G finish nailer
100821TJEP AB-15/64 GAS finish nailer
Paslode FN 1565 A34
Paslode 3250 AB-15
Senco SFN30
Senco FP42XP
Senco FP35
Dewalt D51276K
Did you know that TJEP has more than 10 GAS nailers?