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TJEP TF-16/50F finish nailer

TJEP TF-16/50F finish nailer
Item no. 100413
EAN no. 5702551004135
Type Pneumatic Nailer
Size (L×W×H) 262 × 68 × 262 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Air consumption per cycle 1.0 litres
Length 15 - 50 mm
Diameter 1.6 mm
Used for
Architraves, Glazing beads, Wood ceilings, Skirting, Architraves

For all second fix and joinery tasks, including wood ceiling, coving, dado, skirting, glazing beads etc.

Ideal for wood ceiling.

Key product features

  • Safety bracket integrated in nose
  • Silencer
  • Adjustable air exhaust
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Dry fire lock-out
  • No-mark nose

Guide for selecting compressor
This list is meant as a guide for selecting compressor. The guide is based on an output pressure of 7 bar on the compressor and a maximum of 50 shots per minute. If shots per minute or output pressure is higher, we recommend selecting a larger compressor.

Recommended when using 1 nailer
TJEP 6/10-2 Silent compressorTJEP 6/10-2 Silent compressor
Item no. 123026
EAN no. 5702551230268
TJEP 6/160-1 compressorTJEP 6/160-1 compressor
Item no. 123042
EAN no. 5702551230428
TJEP 6/15-1 Compact compressorTJEP 6/15-1 Compact compressor
Item no. 123027
EAN no. 5702551230275
Recommended when using 2 nailer
TJEP 20/25-2 compressorTJEP 20/25-2 compressor
Item no. 123021
EAN no. 5702551230213
TJEP 20/30-2 compressorTJEP 20/30-2 compressor
Item no. 123052
EAN no. 5702551230527
TJEP 10/250-1 compressorTJEP 10/250-1 compressor
Item no. 123044
EAN no. 5702551230442

See the manuals online here:
iPaper Manual
iPaper Safety instruction

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Did you know that TJEP fuel cells also fit Paslode Impulse products?