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TJEP CP-40 concrete nailer [DISCONTINUED]

TJEP CP-40 concrete nailer
Item no. 100362
EAN no. 5702551003626
Type Pneumatic Nailer
Size (L×W×H) 436 × 120 × 320 mm
Weight 3.4 kg
Air consumption per cycle 3.0 litres
Length 15 - 40 mm
Diameter 2.6 - 3.0 mm
Used for
Pre-fab, Drywall steel rails, Wind drag strip

TJEP CP-40 concrete nailer has been discontinued!

Guide for selecting compressor
This list is meant as a guide for selecting compressor. The guide is based on an output pressure of 7 bar on the compressor and a maximum of 50 shots per minute. If shots per minute or output pressure is higher, we recommend selecting a larger compressor.

Recommended when using 1 nailer
TJEP 20/25-2 compressorTJEP 20/25-2 compressor
Item no. 123021
EAN no. 5702551230213
TJEP 20/30-2 compressorTJEP 20/30-2 compressor
Item no. 123052
EAN no. 5702551230527
Only recommended for low speed (approx. 20 shots per minute)
TJEP 10/250-1 compressorTJEP 10/250-1 compressor
Item no. 123044
EAN no. 5702551230442
TJEP 6/10-2 Silent compressorTJEP 6/10-2 Silent compressor
Item no. 123026
EAN no. 5702551230268

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