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TJEP 4/5-2 Silent compressor

TJEP 4/5-2 Silent compressor
Item no. 123054
EAN no. 5702551230541
Size (L×W×H) 385 × 385 × 370 mm
Weight 12 kg
Cylinders 2
Horsepower 0.4 kW / 0.5 HP
Power supply 230 volt
Max pressure 9 bar / 131 psi
FAD @ 0 bar* 49 litres/min
FAD @ 2.8 bar 25 litres/min
FAD @ 6.2 bar 17 litres/min
Tank 3.8 litres
Noise (LpA, 4m) 56 dB
Noise (LwA) 69 dB
*Often referred to as "effective air"

Latest generation of silent compressors

TJEP is now launching a brand-new compressor series that is definitely one of the quietest on the market. These silent compressors enable builders to start their workday earlier or finish later as the noise is far less bothersome to neighbours and passers-by. In addition, a silent compressor helps improve the working environment, particularly for construction projects where acoustics are often poor. A silent TJEP compressor minimises discomforts such as headache and fatigue compared to working involving conventional compressors.
The new compressor series includes compressors for every purpose, from the smallest 0.5 HP compressor with a 3.8-litre tank all the way up to a 3 HP compressor with a 50-litre tank. The smaller compressors are particularly well-suited for small tasks that don’t require big tank capacity and wherever brad nailers, finish nailers and small staplers are used. For bigger tasks, the medium-sized or large compressors must be used, as their higher output, tank capacity and working pressure enable the use of big pneumatic nailers, and often up to two at the same time.
The TJEP Silent Series is characterised by the sound of silence from oil-free compressors with the familiar high level of TJEP quality that ensures builders trouble-free use. You can recognise the TJEP Silent Series by the Silent logo.


Key product features

  • Extremely silent
  • Easy to transport
  • Ball-bottom valve for easy draining of water
  • Up to 9 bar

Do not use extension cables or use only a strong extension cable

Regardless of the compressor type, it is extremely important to use a separate fuse
group. If the compressor will not start, the cause is usually too low a voltage, due to
an extension cable that is too long/thin, other consumers on the same fuse or a cable
reel that is not fully unwound.

We recommend at least the following:

  • Extension cables up to 10 m → 3 x 1.5 mm²
  • Extension cables up to 20 m → 3 x 2.5 mm²
  • Min. 10A dedicated fuse
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See the manuals online here:
iPaper Manual
iPaper Quick guide

TJEP and UM KGK compressors
Compressors in need of repair must be returned to the dealer or sent, freight paid, to:

Møllevej 9, H2
DK-2990 Nivå
Phone: +45 45 76 17 00

Please do not send compressors to UNIMERCO FASTENING – that will only prolong repair time and involve additional freight costs, since the compressor must be sent on to Nivå.

Thus, if you send a compressor to UNIMERCO FASTENING in Sunds, it will be forwarded to KGK, and there will be a surcharge covering additional freight from Sunds to Nivå.

Warranty repairs are returned carriage-free.

Kyocera Unimerco Fastening A/S
2, Drejervej
7451 Sunds
Tel. +45 97 14 14 40

Did you know that TJEP was established in 1964?