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Item no. 102960
EAN no. 5702551029602
Weight 14 kg
Workpc. thickness 0 - 16 mm
Used for

Universal re-bar cutter and bender

Simple, fast and inexpensive
Cuts and bend steel and re-bars, without tool change.
Special designed head makes the knife last longer.
Double knife, also for thin rods.
Ideal for construction sites.

Key product features

Cutting capacity: max. 14 (16) mm 450N/mm2
Bending capacity: max. 14 (16) mm 450N/ mm2
Bending angle: max. 180°
Bending radius: ca. 35 mm Ø
Bending one: up to approx. 90°
Bending two:up to approx. 180°

Item no.ProductFinish

Kyocera Unimerco Fastening A/S
2, Drejervej
7451 Sunds
Tel. +45 97 14 14 40

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