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TJEP C16 Re-bar Cutter

TJEP C16 Re-bar Cutter
Item no. 102992
EAN no. 5702551029923
Size (L×W×H) 520 × 120 × 130 mm
Weight 9.10 kg
Workpc. thickness 16 mm
Steel strength Max. 650 N/mm2
Motor power 1100W / 230V
Used for

Electro-hydraulic cutting machine with bolt cutting head.

Durable rebar cutter for flexible use


Key product features:

  • Powerful, quick and efficient cutting rebar
  • Bolt cutting head for efficient and economical cutting
  • Cuts up to 16 mm rebar/wire
  • Cutting speed about 1 to 3 sec., High cutting performance
  • Non-return valve for safe and user-friendly cutting
  • Steel strength max. 650 N/mm2
  • Handle included – for precise, ambidextrous cutting.

Supplied with

  • Plastic carrying case
Item no.ProductFinish

See the manuals online here:
iPaper Part list
iPaper Safety and operation instructions

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