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TJEP HCS-20B Hydra Cutter

TJEP HCS-20B Hydra Cutter
Item no. 103322
EAN no. 5702551033227
Size (L×W×H) 405 × 113 × 305 mm
Weight 6.05 kg
Workpc. thickness 5 - 20 mm
Steel strength 400-500 MPa
Voltage 18V / 4,0Ah
Noise (LpA, 4m) 73.15 dB
Noise (LwA) 81.15 dB
Used for

Introducing the TJEP HCS-20B Hydra Cutter – Experience unparalleled cutting freedom with high-performance precision, all without the constraints of cables!


The innovative design of this battery-powered TJEP HCS-20B Hydra Cutter, takes flexibility and ease of use to the next level. Unleash its cutting prowess on construction steel with a workpiece thickness of up to Ø20 mm. The TJEP HCS-20B Hydra Cutter features a high-power piston mounted with a blade, that interacts with the blade mounted on the light-weight shear cutting head. This way the workpiece is cut in a shear action without generating sparks.


Key Product Features

  • Light-weight shear cutting head
  • 360° rotatable light-weight shear cutting head
  • Cuts up to Ø20 mm re-bar/mesh
  • Cutting speed 3 to 5 sec.
  • Powerful and precise cutting
  • Non-return valve for safe and user-friendly release
  • Durable re-bar cutter for flexible use (blades can be used on more sides)
  • Spark-free cutting
  • Cuts per battery charge:
      • Approx. 109 (Ø20 mm)
      • Approx. 210 (Ø16 mm)
      • Approx. 392 (Ø12 mm)
  • 18V brushless motor
  • Incl. plastic case, 2 batteries and charger
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